I Have to Be More Careful

My life is very hectic. My wife Jenny and I work in the entertainment industry. Our careers are very serious to us. We both are constantly on the move. We are barely at home. Jenny and I barely have time to have a decent meal together. Sometimes, Jenny is so absent-minded she forgets take her house key with her. She would sometimes get locked out of the house. I used to make fun of Jenny for this, but I got a taste of my own medicine. I needed an emergency Brisbane locksmith to help me get inside of my own house.

Jenny is always in a rush. She has to spend a long time putting on makeup, even though she does not need it. I try to tell her that constantly, but she does not take my compliment seriously. Once, Jenny was in such a rush that she forgot to put on deodorant. Luckily, she had an extra stick in her car. That could have been a smelly and experience for her. I try to tell her to slow down, but she does not listen.

One day, I overslept and woke up later than I had planned. I had to rush to eat breakfast, take a shower, and get dressed for a very important meeting. I had a meeting scheduled with some rich producers that wanted me to pitch a script to them. I rush out the house thinking I had everything I needed, but I was wrong.

When I was in my car, I realized two things. I left my keys and my script in the house. Jenny left right after I did and locked to door. I was locked out of my house. I called my locksmith to help me. I told him it was an emergency. He came within 15 minutes. He opened the door. I rushed in and grabbed my keys and script.